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Bob Gurr is the only remaining former Disney Imagineer who was hired by and worked closely with Walt Disney that is currently available for lectures, appearances and special events.

Exclusive Management & Representation

For all communication, consultation and appearance inquiries please contact:

Ernie Alonzo
Fandom Productions

** Because of the large number of inquiries we are unable to respond to requests for signed photographs, relay personal messages or forward correspondence to Mr. Gurr.

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Dear Friends,

Like so many others, we have suffered a major disruption of business during this global pandemic. Our tours typically travel with up to 50 guests in close proximity for several hours. Owing to the current mandates in L.A. County as well as the additional concerns for those in Bob Gurr’s age group, we now estimate tours resuming in June but hopefully sooner with the distribution of the vaccines.

We know a majority of you have transferred your ticket once and some of you twice. While we are not able to offer refunds, we assure you that as long as we are running these tours, we will always hold a rain check for you. If you’re a general admission ticket holder, finding an alternate date should be easy. For those of you with any type of upgrade tickets, if you are not able to find the same upgrade tickets for your new tour date, we will be happy to adjust the price of your initial purchase.

Rescheduling instructions:

Existing ticket holders will receive an email with a voucher code about 30 days before their scheduled tour. As of now, we have tour dates listed from June – January 2022. Once you receive that email with the voucher code, you can visit and re-book a new date. You’ll enter the voucher code (specific to you) at check out. 


For those of you who do not feel safe attending a tour anytime in the foreseeable future, we would like to offer you a set of 4 Bob Gurr signed vintage attraction poster prints in lieu of a tour. Accepting this offer will void any rain checks. The posters sell online for $120 (the current cost of a Waltland Tour ticket). We have over 20 styles to choose from. If interested in this option please email us at and we will get back to you with details on how to proceed.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time and most of all for your continued support of Bob Gurr and small businesses.

Ernie Alonzo, Fandom Productions