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A Living Legend

Spend the day with Legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr as your guide and host for this 5-hour excursion into early Disney history.

Walt Disney History Tour

Embark on a half-day magical journey as you visit some of the most significant sites in Walt Disney's early Los Angeles.

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Join Waltland & legendary Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr as you embark on an amazing half-day magical journey through a bygone era. You’ll visit some of the most significant Walt Disney landmarks and points of interest that played an important role in not only the Walt Disney Company, but in the life of Walt Disney the man with stop and walk locations including Walt & Roy Disney’s first homes, the Griffith Park Mary-go-Round, Walt’s Barn and more. Your ticket includes a box lunch at the beautiful Gene Autry Heritage Museum.

Walt Disney with character figurines
Walt Disney Studios Silly Symphony sign